Thursday, November 17, 2016

Creating the Graphic for the Female Superheroes

So drawings are fun. They make things look pretty and easy on the eyes. But some, especially like this one, can be pain to draw. So here's some behind the scenes type stuff that might be of interest.

Rough Draft:
I always start with a rough draft to lay out what I want the drawing to look like. Small details and making it look nice and neat can be left until the later steps. A rough draft is especially important for me when drawing people because I'm absolute trash at drawing normal body proportions. This leads to most of my characters looking like midgets with heads about twice the size of their body. Not a good time.


This is where I start really developing the required style for a drawing. Since I wanted to mimic an old style comic book I varied my line density and added some solid black shapes for shadows. If I was going to do a more street art/urban style I would've crosshatched and used many thin lines without really having many solid strokes. The inking process is where the drawing starts looking much cleaner and you can really see what it is going to be. 


Since this was an old style comic book, I wanted to tone in down on the amount of shading and really do block colors. When doing graphics for a newspaper you need to keep in mind that the color will be a lot less defined and darker than on your computer. Because of this I had to tweak the colors to make sure it looks as good as it possible can on the paper coming out this Friday.