Thursday, December 10, 2015


So I can't actually
See the board
It's just a blur of scribbles
Dips and rises as the text goes on

So I can't actually 
See the board
So my attention starts to wander
Doodles fill the page
The teacher's voice droning as the lesson goes on

So I can't actually
See the board
Nodding along as if I get it
Even though it's just a jumble of colors
Faking my way through
Because that's just the way the day goes on

So I can't actually
See the board
The dull blend of everything
I squint and gaze at
Sends pulses of heat throughout
My brain and being
And that's the way a day without glasses goes on

I chose this piece because it struck me as different compared to my other poems and stories. There was a certain simpleness and elegance to this one that I couldn't find in any others. The combination of something simple, like losing your glasses, and the more complex resultant of that, contemplating literally everything as you can't see the lessons, lead to a balanced piece that I really liked. 
While revising I found that quite a few stanzas adding nothing to overall message of the song and promptly deleted them. That's about all the editing that I did.

2nd Quarter Reflection

              Compared to last quarter both the quantity and rigor of the books I read have increased. While I tried to expand what I read last quarter (short stories, poems, and other pieces similar), I focused more on reading some more challenging books this semester. Like trading quality for quantity- or enjoyment for money. Those things that you really don't want to do but end up doing because you need to show improvement and progress. I've read 12 books starting with the word "the" this semester including The Racketeer, The Confession, The Associate, The Appeal, and The Last Juror among others. The best book I read this quarter was 1984 by George Orwell. The combination of relatable characters and a dystopian society makes an absolutely amazing read that I'd recommend to anyone. Regarding my book choices, I've found I'm interested to books with a main character that doesn't have any special powers or stands out from anyone else. As someone who is absolutely brilliant in every way whatsoever* it's good to  read book about a character that cannot cause a massive change in the world with some superhuman strength or genius like IQ. 
               For this semester I'd like to read at least four graphic novels. They're a type of book that I absolutely love to read but find hard to find. Many graphic novels are drawn in an absolutely beautiful art style and I can learn from both the writing and art style.  

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre
"The whole world is a playhouse
Totus mundus agit histrionem"

A Brand New Source of Entertainment
   Come one; come all! For only one denarius you can get away from your regular soul crushing, disease ridden, depressing, half-life and engage in activities for everyone! Whether you're looking to experience the fine acts put on by the theatrical company "Lord Chamberlain's Men", watch routine and well-orchestrated animal cruelty, or engage in some shady business, the Globe Theatre is for you!

    The Globe Theatre offers a variety of Shakespearean plays, with Hercules as its' first. Viewing of all plays only costs one denarius for basic standing seating and extra denarii can be spent to ensure your comfort and all your needs tended to. So come stand with 3,000 others and enjoy an experience like no other!

    This one goes out to all you sadists not understanding something like this is morally wrong. Be sure to try and make money through betting as you watch once lovable dogs attack bears and risk their lives simply for your enjoyment! This is truly a fantastic spectacle and you should not at all be ashamed of seeing such acts.

    Due to the fact that we're located in Southwark, we tend to attract some of the seedy type. With this in mind, come visit our brothels where you can pay us top dollar to not feel as lonely! If you are a bit upperclass, do not be turned away! We assure you, our workers are considered the best of Southwark, so come on over and enjoy all of our services. 
Now it seems what I was talking about got lost on some of you. To be blunt, I'm talking about the prostitution that was going on in the Globe Theatre.

Picture This

After realizing that I could draw literally anything, and as long as I have a suitable explanation it would work, I've come up with this illustration that can only be described as an absolute train wreck. Now that I've followed through with my realization I'm now regretting this. So I'll try and blind you with large words so I sound smart and you look past the lack of content.

This illustration which is done in a post-WWII style known as "abstract expressionism" depicts the tacit relationship between the Old and New People in the Khmer caste system. The regalia of the Khmer Rouge is displayed aloft to represent the Old People with more authority, weighing down upon the New People. This truly does depict the aforementioned situation as it shows the plight of the New People and how they must support the rest of the caste system on their shoulders alone. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Boring Reflection that People aren't Interested In

To start my aptly named reflection I shall begin by stating the required information in the chance I end up getting into an incredibly off-topic rant like I usually do in things like these. But I mean, I could just say those rants are my "voice" and to not do them wouldn't be authentic to my character. Let's not start that though.

I finished 10 books this quarter. This was a bit less than my usual due to extracurriculars, homework, and choosing books that were both longer and more challenging than what I've read before. The best book I read this quarter would have to be  A Comprehensive Guide to the Majestic Creature Known as the Squid Prompt Me by W.P Kimball. This was a fantastic collection of short stories and prompts that really hit home at times.
I felt myself getting drawn to these kinds of novellas and collections this semester, as they all had to be written in a style I found unique.  These stories required you to form a bond with a character in only a couple pages or paragraphs so you can relate with the characters in the end. This is different from what I used to read as I always frowned down upon these kind of books in favour of the giant 500 page behemoths.

Outside of Prompt Me, the book I "spiritually read" would have to be The Art of War by Sun Tzu. It's required reading in areas everywhere from the military to corporate. With that in mind, I approached the book with a different mindset and really connected with the novel in a way I wouldn't expect. Although some of the translations were pretty shoddy, I did feel like I understood what was going on, past the text. This was a great book in which I read, remembered, and gained something from.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

In Defense of Shutting Up

Here's a piece I wrote by the name of "In Defense of Shutting Up". Written more to be performed than read, this is a poem that takes some liberties with rhyme and verse. I chose it because of this, and also because it tackles a very common issue in a light-hearted tone. I really like how this turned out in the end, and it feels smoother now that I removed tonal cues that are used when presenting. This definitely isn't one of the best pieces if you're looking at prose and all that, but it is one of my favorites.

In Defense of Shutting Up

There's a girl in a sweatshop and she's only nine
She's the one that made my shoes, sobbing all the time
Wants to take a break, but that'd be a crime

Yet you're saying you hate school, writings rants on your Tumblr blog
While you're taking a bite from your freshly butchered hog
Relaxing on a seat, made from a fine oak log

So let's try something new, why don't you?
It'll help, I promise. It's true
Believe me, this isn't coming out of the blue.

Just shut up.
Zip it, be quiet, shut it. It doesn't matter. Just shut up.
Keep on talking and I might erupt

Just think before you speak
So your statement isn't weak
So your life doesn't seem bleak
So if you have an IQ level greater than a sheep
Stop letting your thoughts constantly leak

I shouldn't have to say it
I absolutely hate it
How we've come to the point where we can't appreciate the quiet

Please, this is coming from the heart
It's not a science, it's not an art
It's a simple act.
Just shut up. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

S for Lisp

S for Lisp by Watsky

 If the button didn't work, click here.

Watsky is a slam poet with a lisp. Probably not the best combination, but he manages to use it to his advantage, as shown in this poem. "S for Lisp" is about not only being comfortable with oneself and all that cliche stuff, but also about the liberty of language. Being able to say what you want, how you want, whenever you want. With a similar style of crude jokes and slightly obvious hyperboles,  this poem not only shared a similar point or theme as mine, it was also written in a style similar to mine. A combination of those two points made selecting this piece as my reflection a no-brainer.

While my piece was more for laughs than to have a certain message, it still did have the underlying tone of freedom of language. Swearing in class, or talking through a lisp. Either way, you're doing something others might frown down on while you're pleased with it. Both "S for Lisp" and my piece, "Chad" share a deeper message. Or maybe I just really wanted to add a Watsky song into my story. One of the two.

Monday, August 24, 2015

An Introductory Post

"The trick to flying is throwing yourself at the ground and missing"
-The homeless guy at Walgreen's

So, the quote I chose was from a random homeless guy I met at Walgreen's. After tossing him a dollar or two I received that gem. He was probably high, drunk, or maybe a combination of the two, but it doesn't matter. I still got a quote for my Language Arts assignment.

It doesn't really mean much at all, or have any emotional value, it just sounds complex and inspirational. You'll come to learn that about me to. I pretend to be deep and thoughtful, when in reality I'm an absolute idiot. I've learned to bluff my way through everything.
I'm sure I'll manage to find some meaning behind it at some point, but for now let's just all swoon about how inspirational it is, alright? 

I'm really struggling to find a way to connect this quote to anything of relevance. Instead, how about I give you a link to a random Wikipedia article which while reading, nod thoughtful and make comments about how insightful I am. Thanks to me, you all can be educated in Anarcho-syndicalism. I'm sure it's somehow related to homeless people. 

This man here looks kinda like that homeless fellow.