Monday, October 12, 2015

The Boring Reflection that People aren't Interested In

To start my aptly named reflection I shall begin by stating the required information in the chance I end up getting into an incredibly off-topic rant like I usually do in things like these. But I mean, I could just say those rants are my "voice" and to not do them wouldn't be authentic to my character. Let's not start that though.

I finished 10 books this quarter. This was a bit less than my usual due to extracurriculars, homework, and choosing books that were both longer and more challenging than what I've read before. The best book I read this quarter would have to be  A Comprehensive Guide to the Majestic Creature Known as the Squid Prompt Me by W.P Kimball. This was a fantastic collection of short stories and prompts that really hit home at times.
I felt myself getting drawn to these kinds of novellas and collections this semester, as they all had to be written in a style I found unique.  These stories required you to form a bond with a character in only a couple pages or paragraphs so you can relate with the characters in the end. This is different from what I used to read as I always frowned down upon these kind of books in favour of the giant 500 page behemoths.

Outside of Prompt Me, the book I "spiritually read" would have to be The Art of War by Sun Tzu. It's required reading in areas everywhere from the military to corporate. With that in mind, I approached the book with a different mindset and really connected with the novel in a way I wouldn't expect. Although some of the translations were pretty shoddy, I did feel like I understood what was going on, past the text. This was a great book in which I read, remembered, and gained something from.