Thursday, December 10, 2015


So I can't actually
See the board
It's just a blur of scribbles
Dips and rises as the text goes on

So I can't actually 
See the board
So my attention starts to wander
Doodles fill the page
The teacher's voice droning as the lesson goes on

So I can't actually
See the board
Nodding along as if I get it
Even though it's just a jumble of colors
Faking my way through
Because that's just the way the day goes on

So I can't actually
See the board
The dull blend of everything
I squint and gaze at
Sends pulses of heat throughout
My brain and being
And that's the way a day without glasses goes on

I chose this piece because it struck me as different compared to my other poems and stories. There was a certain simpleness and elegance to this one that I couldn't find in any others. The combination of something simple, like losing your glasses, and the more complex resultant of that, contemplating literally everything as you can't see the lessons, lead to a balanced piece that I really liked. 
While revising I found that quite a few stanzas adding nothing to overall message of the song and promptly deleted them. That's about all the editing that I did.

2nd Quarter Reflection

              Compared to last quarter both the quantity and rigor of the books I read have increased. While I tried to expand what I read last quarter (short stories, poems, and other pieces similar), I focused more on reading some more challenging books this semester. Like trading quality for quantity- or enjoyment for money. Those things that you really don't want to do but end up doing because you need to show improvement and progress. I've read 12 books starting with the word "the" this semester including The Racketeer, The Confession, The Associate, The Appeal, and The Last Juror among others. The best book I read this quarter was 1984 by George Orwell. The combination of relatable characters and a dystopian society makes an absolutely amazing read that I'd recommend to anyone. Regarding my book choices, I've found I'm interested to books with a main character that doesn't have any special powers or stands out from anyone else. As someone who is absolutely brilliant in every way whatsoever* it's good to  read book about a character that cannot cause a massive change in the world with some superhuman strength or genius like IQ. 
               For this semester I'd like to read at least four graphic novels. They're a type of book that I absolutely love to read but find hard to find. Many graphic novels are drawn in an absolutely beautiful art style and I can learn from both the writing and art style.