Monday, October 12, 2015

The Boring Reflection that People aren't Interested In

To start my aptly named reflection I shall begin by stating the required information in the chance I end up getting into an incredibly off-topic rant like I usually do in things like these. But I mean, I could just say those rants are my "voice" and to not do them wouldn't be authentic to my character. Let's not start that though.

I finished 10 books this quarter. This was a bit less than my usual due to extracurriculars, homework, and choosing books that were both longer and more challenging than what I've read before. The best book I read this quarter would have to be  A Comprehensive Guide to the Majestic Creature Known as the Squid Prompt Me by W.P Kimball. This was a fantastic collection of short stories and prompts that really hit home at times.
I felt myself getting drawn to these kinds of novellas and collections this semester, as they all had to be written in a style I found unique.  These stories required you to form a bond with a character in only a couple pages or paragraphs so you can relate with the characters in the end. This is different from what I used to read as I always frowned down upon these kind of books in favour of the giant 500 page behemoths.

Outside of Prompt Me, the book I "spiritually read" would have to be The Art of War by Sun Tzu. It's required reading in areas everywhere from the military to corporate. With that in mind, I approached the book with a different mindset and really connected with the novel in a way I wouldn't expect. Although some of the translations were pretty shoddy, I did feel like I understood what was going on, past the text. This was a great book in which I read, remembered, and gained something from.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

In Defense of Shutting Up

Here's a piece I wrote by the name of "In Defense of Shutting Up". Written more to be performed than read, this is a poem that takes some liberties with rhyme and verse. I chose it because of this, and also because it tackles a very common issue in a light-hearted tone. I really like how this turned out in the end, and it feels smoother now that I removed tonal cues that are used when presenting. This definitely isn't one of the best pieces if you're looking at prose and all that, but it is one of my favorites.

In Defense of Shutting Up

There's a girl in a sweatshop and she's only nine
She's the one that made my shoes, sobbing all the time
Wants to take a break, but that'd be a crime

Yet you're saying you hate school, writings rants on your Tumblr blog
While you're taking a bite from your freshly butchered hog
Relaxing on a seat, made from a fine oak log

So let's try something new, why don't you?
It'll help, I promise. It's true
Believe me, this isn't coming out of the blue.

Just shut up.
Zip it, be quiet, shut it. It doesn't matter. Just shut up.
Keep on talking and I might erupt

Just think before you speak
So your statement isn't weak
So your life doesn't seem bleak
So if you have an IQ level greater than a sheep
Stop letting your thoughts constantly leak

I shouldn't have to say it
I absolutely hate it
How we've come to the point where we can't appreciate the quiet

Please, this is coming from the heart
It's not a science, it's not an art
It's a simple act.
Just shut up.