Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Picture This

After realizing that I could draw literally anything, and as long as I have a suitable explanation it would work, I've come up with this illustration that can only be described as an absolute train wreck. Now that I've followed through with my realization I'm now regretting this. So I'll try and blind you with large words so I sound smart and you look past the lack of content.

This illustration which is done in a post-WWII style known as "abstract expressionism" depicts the tacit relationship between the Old and New People in the Khmer caste system. The regalia of the Khmer Rouge is displayed aloft to represent the Old People with more authority, weighing down upon the New People. This truly does depict the aforementioned situation as it shows the plight of the New People and how they must support the rest of the caste system on their shoulders alone. 

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