Monday, September 28, 2015

S for Lisp

S for Lisp by Watsky

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Watsky is a slam poet with a lisp. Probably not the best combination, but he manages to use it to his advantage, as shown in this poem. "S for Lisp" is about not only being comfortable with oneself and all that cliche stuff, but also about the liberty of language. Being able to say what you want, how you want, whenever you want. With a similar style of crude jokes and slightly obvious hyperboles,  this poem not only shared a similar point or theme as mine, it was also written in a style similar to mine. A combination of those two points made selecting this piece as my reflection a no-brainer.

While my piece was more for laughs than to have a certain message, it still did have the underlying tone of freedom of language. Swearing in class, or talking through a lisp. Either way, you're doing something others might frown down on while you're pleased with it. Both "S for Lisp" and my piece, "Chad" share a deeper message. Or maybe I just really wanted to add a Watsky song into my story. One of the two.

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