Monday, February 29, 2016

Oliver Hudson- World's Best Columnist

Oliver Hudson. A right-wing voice in a campus where “conservative” is considered a curse word. Sadly for Tronald Dump and Co. he’s not a very good one. His statistics are outdated and reasoning is just plain stupid. Full of ideas even the most radical republican would find disgusting, his columns are full of filler and lack anything logical. Hudson’s writing and political viewpoints have given him lots of (negative) attention. While most of his pieces do not garner any attention, there’s the occasional outburst of stupidity that gets him attention.  I chose this writer because his completely inane views and just how entertaining it is to read- although it make you do a little cringe every time you come to a significantly idiot point of his.
Although, Hudson can write. He does have a voice and uses many aspects of writer’s craft in his columns. In “A Policy to Increase Unemployment” Hudson asks many rhetorical questions and uses elevated diction to try and sound smarter than he actually is. In “Universal Suffrage is Immoral” the genius continues to astound us by asking even more rhetorical and philosophical questions. Hudson also uses the genius tactic of using outdated resources to benefit his cause.
Truly an inspiration this Hudson man is. I recommend reading his works and truly enjoying it.

The jaw-dropping face of Oliver Hudson.

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  1. Hudson does not only use rhetorical questions and elevated diction to attempt to persuade his readers, but he also use negative sounding diction concerning opposing ideas to attack his opponents in an attempt to make his own ideas sound better. For example, in his article about Universal Suffrage being amoral, he refers to Universal Suffrage as "immoral" and compares it as one group "stealing" from another group. Additionally, concerning Obama's State of Union address and higher minimum wage idea, Hudson calls Obama's State of Union address as consisting of "trite platitudes", which means "overused moral statement" and calling the higher minimum wage idea as "harmful"