Thursday, March 10, 2016

Phteven Kung


"Riding the Bullet" by Stephen King- the only book I actually remember the plot to.

This novella, lasting around 80 pages, mentioned death and cars and hitchhiking and cat piss and Alzheimers and rollercoasters and Alzheimers. More specifically, "Riding the Bullet" is about a college student, Alan Parker, and his journey to visit his hospitalized mother. Problem is, he's a college student. He also doesn't have a car. He also is 120 miles away. He also can't to pay someone. So our hero has to hitchhike. 

He entered cars, he exited cars, he did other things to complete asyndetons. After loitering around wasting time, time wastes him. He's picked up by the one person he does not want to see in this situation. 

What a beautiful cliffhanger. Please applaud loudly. 

Derived from a real life incident King himself faced, this horror novella leaves you constantly feeling anxious and waiting for more. 

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