Sunday, May 29, 2016

In Response To Freshman Year

I’m not a writer. Nor do I claim to be. But an assignment is an assignment, so let’s get on with this.
Freshman year has been less than interesting. Take all the positive things you’ve been told about high school, and throw it out the window. The ability to choose specialized courses? Hah. More freedom? That’s a good one. Classes that are actually based around your skill level? You wish. There’s been absolutely nothing especially good about this year. And I think that’s all owed to our wonderful method of teaching.
Because, y’know, a course about electric fields and the periodic table of elements is mandatory, and a course that teaches us our own laws is just an optional elective. Sounds like we’ve got our priorities in order.
Negative “b” plus or minus the square root of “b” squared minus  four “ac” over two “a”. Glad I’ll always determine the answers to quadratic equations instead of preventing the ignorance that gets people like Trump elected.
I’m curious as to how these board meetings go. “Hey, Phil. I was thinking.. So you know you how we were thinking of teaching these kids how to properly convey a message? Yeah, how about we just teach them about completely irrelevant points in history.” “Dammit Dave, you’re a genius! What a brilliant idea. Take my keys and my wife, you deserve it!” Fun.
Summing up my entire year with these piece is really depressing, so I’ll just leave it with a Douglas Adams quote, “So long, and thanks for all the fish”.

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